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A comprehensive
software solution


The core system between your meters and your business applications.

Our product

At SMARTSIDE, we understand the challenges Distribution Network Operators are facing when dealing with Smart Metering. They must reduce TCO, insure interoperability and futur-proofing, and leverage IoT Infrastructure to build Data analytics and Smartgrid applications. To tackle these challenges, SMARTSIDE built SmartEnergyCore, a lean, user-oriented, open and comprehensive software solution.

Designed as the core system between smart meters and third-party enterprise software (CRM, Billing, Asset Management, etc), our product enables end-to-end business process automation and value creation.

SmartEnergyCore is a comprehensive enterprise software offering the following features:

Smart device integration
– X-HES –

A multi-vendor, multi-communication and multi-energy interface with smart devices in the field.

Data Management
– MDM –

Massive and automated treatment of meter data, long-term storage and archiving, continuous data aggregation and analysis.

Network Supervision
– NOC –

Monitoring smart metering infrastructure status, from accurate diagnostics to high-level reporting dashboards

Remote command
– MOC –

Management of smart devices and their embedded software versions, downstream commands designed to be sent massively.

– SOC –

Smart metering infrastructure end-to-end security, keys and certificates storage.

System Integration

Low-level and generic Web Service API enabling integration to third-party enterprise systems and middleware

Quality is non-negotiable

Also deeply rooted in Smartside culture is the idea that without quality, robustness and scalability, there can not be any credibility. That is why we chose to leverage technologies from life-critical systems. Today we are able to guarantee that our solution is able to support millions of smart meters.

Times less bugs
Automated tests
Reported refactoring
Code coverage

Smart Grids Apps

In order to foster new innovative solutions, Smartside positions SmartEnergyCore platform as a generic Smart Grid applications enabler benefiting all stakeholders. We welcome technology suppliers and system integrators to leverage our web service API to build plug-and-play Smart Grid modules

We are already working on these topics, in-house or with partners:

Revenue protection

Use advanced analytics to identify unusual consumption patterns

Microgrids monitoring

Monitor efficiently production, consumption and storage at a small scale

Quality of supply

Use advanced analytics to quickly react to power outages

Decentralized production

Monitor electricity production of renewable energy sources

Demande response

Shift electricity consumption from peak to off-peak periods and increase grid reliability

Consumption analysis

Get insight in cities, neighborhoods and households consumption profiles