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A smart and
experienced partner

We bring our expertise in energy, telecommunications and software to help you in your advanced metering projects.

Our commitment

We are fully aware of how complex it is to set up a Smart Metering system and of the industrial risks involved. This is why we place great importance on follow-up and guiding our clients in their work. By doing so, we want to make Smart Metering and Smart Grids more accessible and more transparent.

Whether you decide on a full or partial rollout, or as a first stage in the implementation of a pilot project using a few smart meters, we can guide you efficiently through the successive stages leading up to full operations.

Four lines of expertise:

Distribution Network Operator

Smart metering

System Integration

Software engineering

Choice of infrastructure

Each area has its own particularities (e.g. distribution of the delivery points on the network, urban density, topology). Prior to rollout or the experimental phase, we recommend conducting an economic and technical study that will identify the most suitable system for your geographical area.

We can help you carry out this study. We will take into account the particularities of your area and smart meters, as well as the operation of your organisation and your network, in order to determine together which infrastructure is most suitable. This study can include an exact assessment of the costs and returns on investment associated with the Smart Metering system your organisation decides to implement.

Integration and configuration

Since the types of data exchanges between systems can be specific to the needs of each client, we offer a support service to help you develop the right connectors and Web Services between your systems and the Smart Energy Core.

Our support service starts at the stage of specifications and requirements analysis of the data exchanges, taking into account your operational and business constraints, and continues through to the stage of integration and field testing, making it possible through several iterations to create connectors that perfectly meet your needs.

In particular, integration with existing systems enables you to automate a large number of network operations, thereby improving network management.

Experimental phase

The experimental phase is an almost indispensable step in the rollout of an AMI infrastructure. This phase allows you to set up the full system, to become familiar with and test the various hardware and software components and to integrate the infrastructure with existing systems. This initial phase is also the time when a concrete evaluation must be made of the advantages in terms of network management and when rollout and installation processes must be optimised.

We can guide you throughout this experimental phase from a technical, operational and organisational standpoint. Our Cloud service enables you to implement this phase rapidly at minimum cost.